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    Question Mexico steroid - Andriol

    Does anyone know anything about an oral steroid brand Andriol (testosterone )? If so how often do you take it. They are 40mg tablets.

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    andriol is testosterone undecanoate and the only test ever shown to be orally available (besides methyltest) it isnt 17A tho - it is VERY mild - you will need 3-4 of those ED (120-160mg) to see any difference - the real problem is if they have been refrigerated from the factory to you - andriol loses its potentcy within a month or so without refrigeration and stuck up someones sweaty drawers on a boarder crossing isnt going to help - thats why they are often not aas effective as people would think they should be - poor handling. It is very mild as far as sides go tho and kinda like primo for gains.

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