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    Arrow 4th and 5th injections....test cypionate

    What's up guys,

    Just want to say thanks again for all the feedback. I want to wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! I took my 4th injection of (TEST CYPIONATE 400mgs) last friday. Well patience is a virtue... My strength has shot up. (Bench press 5 weeks ago natural [275lbs 4 times no lift off, no help] now i can bench 275lbs 8 times). My weight has jumped to a solid 237lbs. I feel real good. Still eating ALOT. My buddies are starting to notice the water retention in my face. I have NOVALDEX and CLOMID on hand but as of week 5 zero signs of gyno and zero acne. My arms grew a 1/2". I feel good. I plan on administering my CLOMID therapy after my last injection, but my friend is telling me to start it after my 5th injection(tomorrow) and continue with it 50mgs every other day(ie: monday, wednesday, friday, sunday, etc. etc.) until like 3 weeks after my last injection? He said it will help with the water retention, and help to keep some of my gains... Well just want to keep you guys informed on how i am doing. If anyone is familiar with the proper time to start CLOMID therapy i am listening. For the rookies: I have done alot of research on A.S (and i hope if you are considering this route, you also do your fare share of research) This can be a very positive thing in your life. I can't speak for everyone but i'm sure that people that have tried this can agree. If you plan on trying gear, go for it, but you must respect yourself, others and most importantly the drugs. It took me some time to prepare mentally for this(alot of it is mental), and i beleive that anyone can get 100% positive results if you are smart. I'm not trying to get all philisopical but i believe i hold some truth in what i am trying to say. Thank you again to everyone that responds,,,,,,take care,,be safe and grow. I hope everyone can get as big and strong as they possible can be.

    Thank you again

    until week 6


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    Should answer your Q's, if not ask more

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