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    Question Eq-primo-deca-durabolin-dynaolin-win.depot?

    Hey guys. 23 year old from SAN DIEGO here. Im 5'8, 165 lbs. Im looking for some advice here. I've done 2 cycles in my life before. My first cylce consisted of deca and sus250. It gave me a big strength increase with size. I recently finished a cycle of EQ and Winny.

    I never realy kept any of my gains because of the lack of consistant hardcore training and most importantly my horrible eating habits. I now realize the importance of a proper diet and 8 hours of sleep a night.

    Im ready to start my next cycle. Since i live in san diego i have access to any steroid I want from pharmacies in mexico. When i did my first cycle i broke out to much on my shoulders. That is a big concern with me. I am already slightly acne prone and do not want to do any testosterones or any 17-aa's.

    I willing to only stick to EQ-PRIMO-DECA-DURABOLIN -DYNAOLIN-WIN.DEPOT. Im thinking of doing a 12 week cycle consisting of about 3 of those steroids i stated above. Fast huge results are not needed here. Consistant perminant results are. Ive heard that you keep most of your gains from Primo.

    I want to do a cycle that will have the least side affects as possible while maintaining as much quality mass as i can.

    possibly a stack of PRIMO-EQ-and one of the nandrolones.

    what do you guys think. PLEASE HELP ME OUT. THANK YOU.

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    testosterone or nothing. sides of using without it are not worth the benefits IMO.

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    Yup test and maybe 1 other like eq. But you need to do some consistant training and dieting before doing anymore gear. Because juice and trining only when juicing isn't worth it in the long run.

    You need to be more committed to the game, if you want all star status


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