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    online resources

    Does anyone know what the worst thing that can happen to you (legal wise) when trying to obtain gear via the internet? I am trying out a couple places I have found online and was curious to know.

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    i dont know much about sources, but i do know that if you found them online and not through someone reliable that you trust, you are about to be scammed. if you are caught its a felony, a federal offense because you will have used the US postal service to commit a crime. my advice would be for you to be patient and ease your way in to this. in time it will all fall into place for you. stick around a while and research here on the board.

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    There is no place like ho
    Good info Vet..

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    If you find a web sight source, you will be scammed more than likely. Legit sources prefer staying out of the lime light for obvious reasons. Take BigKevs' advise, and you need to read up on source info on the main page bro.

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