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    Any dbol > twice a day experience?

    The esters/blood concentration (educational) thread suggests:

    <quote> The best gains from AAS come from the most stable blood concentrations. Look at dbol . It is TREMENDOUSLY more effective if taken all throughout the day rather than once or twice a day. Same with injectable AAS-- You will grow more with a weekly dose of enanthate over a weekly dose of propionate -- Why? More stable blood concentrations. </quote>

    The only published evidence I was able to locate on point suggests exactly the opposite (abstract below).

    Can anybody relate experience with taking dbol throughout the day (eg, every 4 hours) vs once or twice. Particularly since at typical dosing (say 30 mg a day) this would mean roughly 10 mg peak, which probably translates to more like 5 mg peak concentration in the blood after first pass. Has anybody experienced these "tremendously" greater gains?

    Testosterone in a cyclodextrin-containing formulation: behavioral and
    physiological effects of episode-like pulses in rats.

    Taylor GT, Weiss J, Pitha J

    University of Missouri, St. Louis 63121.

    Testosterone, administered in the form of an inclusion complex with
    2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin by subcutaneous
    injection, enters the circulation in a manner markedly similar to the natural
    episodic release by the testes. The effects of a
    regimen of once-a-day administration of complexed testosterone to adult
    (castrated or intact) rats and to senescent (intact) rats
    were investigated. Although this procedure left the castrated animals with
    concentrations of circulatory hormone far below
    physiological levels for much of the day, a significant improvement in
    androgen-sensitive behavior and physiology was obtained.
    <b>Furthermore, the testosterone effects were more pronounced when high doses
    were used periodically rather than when the
    same total amount of testosterone was equally divided among doses. </b>The same
    supplementation to intact rats intensified
    androgen-sensitive behavior and physiology over normal levels. In senescent
    rats uniform pulses of the testosterone complex
    also improved behavior and physiology. Specifically, spermatogenesis was
    stimulated and, notably, the treatment increased
    muscle weight without substantial enlargement of the prostate. Since the
    testosterone-cyclodextrin complex also can be
    effectively administered as a sublingual tablet, the data suggest that similar
    regimens may be recommended for elderly men
    suffering from decreases in muscle mass.

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    dont know much about rats or muscle loss in elderly men bro, but i do know how to get really big.

    nothing about aas for bodybuilding purposes is written in stone, they dont study it for the reasons we use it for. however, i "and countless others like me" have been doing studys on our bodys for decades, and have gained alot of priceless knowledge from it. keeping your blood levels level, makes for better gains. it also avoids the peaks and valleys that cause alot of the side effects we see. spread it out evenly bro.

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    what I asked for was actual detail on the experiments on your body that have led to the conclusion level is better than spiked (lbm only.....forget the sides).

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    I have to be honest with you Sokrates?

    I've tried d-bol twice a day, three times a day, but once a day

    1 hour - 1.5 hours before the workout and I have made my best progress

    I know d-bol has a half life of 3.5 to 4.5 hours or so. It should make sense to divide up the doses every 4-5 hours but it did dick for me!

    I take 40-50mgs 1 hour before the workout and look out! My weights and strength go up every day. I know I'm getting a peak only once a day? but for me that's all I need, 1 peak at workout time!

    This is not advice JMO

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