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    Gyno Question...

    what does Gyno look like, feel like??? I heard it is a small tumor like lump? Is it a perfect circle or crossed over the nipple... haha I said nipple...

    Mine are puffy and have been that way long before I started any chems... any advice on shrinking???


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    well Big dog... There are alot of things you can do for it, but if you have it hard to get rid off without surgery if it is bad enough. There are some drugs you can take, Clomid, Nolvadex , etc. do some searching in the forums you will see alot of questions about this. I posted one about winny, I saw one member say something about winny helping with gyno. All gyno is as explained to me by a doctor is fatty tissue around the chest/breast. according to a doctor friend I talked to, there is no cure except surgery. I guess this only depends on how bad you have it.

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