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    Is it true that winstrol can make a cinge muscle grow?

    when injected in a cingle muscle does it make it grow visuable?

    Like in biceps/triceps/breast/sholder/

    I alwas stick it in my butt one one side and ive ben doing so for 2 weeks now. The thing is;

    if this is true then shouldnt one of my butt-cheeks be bigger tahn the other one by now? (Nice things to think of )

    I want to know because I have a great biceps/triceps but my breast/c hest always disappoints me . So if it's true then..



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    Yes I agree SK, I have heard alot about site injects, I personally have not tried them except in the glut and thighs.. but I hate freaking needles. but I am slowly getting over the fear, now that I am not dating my nurse girlfriend, she used to pop me in the azz all the time, she loved it. damn sick nurses hee..

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    it stretches the muscle facia and when u rush all the blood in there aswell ,the blood and the oiln wil cause it to grow slightly more than normal.

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