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    help me with my spring cyle please!

    hey guys, I just wanted to let the guys who run this message board and this site that I have recieved a great amount of info from you guys. It has helped me alot.
    My question is this: In my past few cycles I have gained ALOT of weight and strength. ( I went from weighing 170lbs to 215 in a few months). The problem is that alot of the weight was water and fat. Anyway I need a good cycle for the spring so I can be shredded this summer. I am not looking to spend more than $500. Anyone have some ideas for me? I tried Winny over the summer and it helped alot, but my skin was still a little smooth, and I want to get rid of that this year.
    As far as past cycles go, I did Dbol and sus( statring in october of 2000), which made me retain a lot of water. I then did Finaplix and later Clen ( which messed with my pulse) and then in the summer (of 01) I did winny by itself. This is all in the course of a year. I just finished taking Primatest (started late october) and am currently waiting a month or two before starting something else. SHOULD I BULK UP A LITTLE MORE WITH SOME TEST, or SHOULD I JUST GET Winny and stuff like that? It usually takes a while for my to get cut (atleast 12 weeks).

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    We cant build you a cycle from scratch partna just help you fine tune it, maybe t prop/eq/winn

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