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    nolvadex vs. arimidex

    Personal experiences?

    Does arimidex (liquidex) have the same post cycle usefulness that nolvadex does when combined with clomid? Which do you prefer?

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    LI, NY kidd!!
    a-dex messes wit ur sex drive and other estrogen related things in the body....i heard it also mess wit ur lipid profiles....nolva also helps promote good cholesterol...obviously nolva is better

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    i dont think adex will mess with your sex drive if you use a proper dose of it.....i have actually read a good PCT on written by cy wilson where he uses l-dex along with clomid and other things...mite be worth researching it.

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    i like arimidex as a cure to gyno, nolva is preferable as preventative measures

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    They both do a different job. You can't really compare them like that.

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    Arimidex will block up to 59% of the production of E in men. Nolvadex doesn't block the product, it block what is produced from binding to the E Receptor. So like LordB said, they do different things.
    As far as your Lipids (cholesterol) go, it's also a non-issue because you're not going to be using either one long enough to make any difference in your health.
    I suggest you use the Arimidex for clomid therapy and if you decide to use HCG then use Nolva instead.

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    Arimidex is the best but its very expensive

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackzero
    Arimidex is the best but its very expensive
    That's why everyone uses the liquid stuff.

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