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    2nd Cycle / advise!

    I feel like sh#% !!!

    I was just talking yesterday with my partner explaining how good I felt while on my first cycle.

    My joints were feeling great and felt very strong and energetic.
    I had this overwhelming feeling of well being that gave me confidence and strength to go train harder.

    Now i feel achee and had all sort of pains in my joints and muscles. I had lost some of the weight I gain on my first cycle but I expected that.

    Tomorrow I start my second cycle. It's kind of mild comparing to some I've seen here but, I would like your opinion.

    Stats: 6'3" | 163lb. | 37 years young! My first cycle was Deca300 and Test Prop.

    Here is what I have bought for my second cycle:

    Deca200 2X a week @ 400 ml total
    Test Cyp 2X a week @ 400 ml total
    Test Prop150 2-3 times a week for the first 2-3 weeks 150ml
    each time.
    d-bol 35-40mg a day for 4-5 weeks (scaling up & down)
    Clomid for after cycle ends.
    ( i have not bought Armidex cause it's very expensive, can you sugest a substitute)

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions and coments. they are greatly appreciated!


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    The original jason Guest
    get nolvadex keep it on hand for gyno when are you starting clomid?? would be good to end with test prop to to let the longer acting esters leave your body then move straight onto clomid after the prop, I wouldnt taper the dbol up and down no point just run it 40mg ed hope that helps


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    What OJ said!

    Also Proviron 25mgED /Nolva 10mg ED.

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    soul shaker Guest
    why the dbol and prop at the start, isn't the prop doing what the dbol is there for? i am starting with prop eod with sus, to avoid having to use dbol. just curious.

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    Well, I believe that the test Cyp takes a couple weeks to start building up in your body (correct me if i'm wrong) and I am using the Test prop in the begining to enhance the Deca + Test effect.

    I also believe that D-bol is a completely diferent thing than the test. I have also read that D-bol should be used at the beginining of the cycle for best results.

    I have enough Test Prop to use at the begining and at the end and the cycle like The Original Jason suggested (I think is a good Idea).

    I am planning a 12 weeks cycle so I'll use the Test Cyp until week 10 and then switch to test prop. I will also try and get Nolvadex .

    Thank you guys.

    Feel free to add comments!


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