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    14 last question before round 1

    About to start cycle #1.

    I have Winny and Test Prop as my only injectables. Should I inject separately or can I mix the two in the syringe for less injections??? Or should i just drink the winny. I really want all the results that Winny can get me, so if drinking it nullifies anything, than i wouldn't want to do that.

    Also, any last minute injection tips? What size needles should i get?, etc. I'm going to do it myself and i'm a bit scared. Anyone care to explain how to aspirate , etc....b/c i'm feeling lazy today.


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    Yes you can mix the two............ But you can drink the winny if the pain from it crystalizing in the muscle gets too bad.

    I would use 25 or 23g pinz....... 1.5 for glutes and 1" fro all other sites

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    Damn prop and winny for a first cycle, I think a cycle of test enan or cyp would be the way to go, but knowing how old you are would help.


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    my advice

    shoot the winnie and mix it with prop.


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    Awesome, thanks a lot for the help.

    By the way, I got this cycle from a former major leaguer, so being a b-ball player myself, hopefully i can get the same results. I am 21, also.

    Thanks, any other tips are also appreciated.

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