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    can I mix sus and deca?

    I am new but I have been doing as much research as possible. I have asked everyone I know with knowledge of the question and have gotten mixed answers. Can I mix sustanon250 and deca in the same syringe so that I will only have to take one shot insted of two?

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    yes, it is okay to mix substances together. sometimes it helps to reduce the pain from one substance if you add another to it - due to the high BA content.

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    Yes you can mix the two together.

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    YES you can mix oil substances together in one syringe... meaning ... prop with deca , or eq with cyp, or fina with sus, or ... well you get the point. MOst people say not to mix water substance with oil and others say you can... i would think it's a bit hard to measure it in the syring both together because water rises up... but that's just for you to know in case of future reference... good luck

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