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    What's the difference between Proviron & Masteron. Are they both DHT ?

    I am referring to the chinamans Masteron .

    If there is a difference, what is it ?

    Would Masteron give better gains ?

    Would they both be good for giving wood ?

    I am on HRT. Test does not give me wood.

    If they are not DHT, are they similar??

    Are they close enough to give the same effect??


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    Top of my head

    Prov = 1-methyl-DHT
    Mast = 2-methyl-17-propionate -DHT

    ** masteron 2-methyl-DHT IMO, I dont know for a fact, but that is my honest guess

    Either way, Id go with the proviron , but the masteron would probally give a similar although weaker effect.

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