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    How much would it buy

    Im going to be starting to gather the gear for my first cycle ...and im trying not to get screwed over when i find a thus id like to go into the process with some idea of a ball park figure....that way i can tell if he is bullshitting me...and trying to make extra dough...

    so if i was to run a cycle of

    500 Mg/wk- test enth. 1-10
    50 mg ED- winstrol 7-15
    plus the clomid and i suppose i need nolva on hand too

    thanks for any input

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    Well you need to determine first who is going to be supplying you. A lot cheaper for online or domestic and the more people's hands the juice passes through the more expensive it gets.

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    it all depends. I "know people" who get QV test enth. 10ml 250mg at 40 bux a pop, but have been offered it at the gym for $100. It all depends on your source. look at the website and search for your item under black-market prices. those numbers are very broad and sometimes a off, but you'll get the general idea. GOOD LUCK.

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    im getting a 50ml vial of test enanthate 250mg for 180$, thats a good price

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    I dont have a lot of sources so I have to pay gym prices on everything and I found that those prices listed under black market prices are extremely high. If I was you I would not pay more than they lowest price listed for each kind of steroid .

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteykauai
    ii can get a 10ml bottle of enanthate for $22
    Damn, do you work for a lab or something!!!

    Thats a great deal, vet quality i assume.

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    Test 250 10ml vial is about 45-80 bucks...

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