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    qv question (markings on tops)

    i got some qv gear, some of the vails have qv on the white tops the other just have raised letters that says flip off , is this normal ?

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    I think one of mine has that as well. Did you check the lot numbers on their website?

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    Yes.............. I also have had lids with nothing on them from QV.

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    The newer batches should have "QV" printed on the flip-off tops. The older ones have "flip off" stamped on them. Just another security precaution by QV.


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    I agree with everyone on this. The older batches had the flip tops that read "flip off", and the newer ones have the "QV" logo. Don't worry! Just make sure the hologram is an actual "hologram", ie. reflects light, and the labels are rounded and not squared on the bottle. The fakes are pretty good, but look in the pic section and you will see the real vs. fake. However as of recently, some have been complaining of QV, namely the enanthate . But I still consider it one of the best for the $$ if you have a good source.

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    IN the last issue of Muscular Development, there was a very informative article on QV Test Enth. It shows pics of all the differences between the fake batches and the real. One of the most subtle ways to tell the difference is in the size of the "QV" logo on the hologram. It should be slightly smaller than the word "seguridad". If the "QV" and "seguridad" are the same size, chances are it's a fake. Also check for the stamped on lot no. If the number is stamped on, it's real. If it's actually printed with the label, it's fake. Good luck.

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