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    first time user

    hey fellas, i am 25yrs old 5'6 and190pds.I have been lifting for a yr now and thinking about my first cycle any ideas? i am also 15%bf.I would like to drop about 1)% more,,,thankx

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    First of all bro do some reseach find out as much as poss about what you want .....AND WELCOME BRO...

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    Hey bro, What are your goals, are you looking to bulk? I'm on my 1st cycle and it's going great. I did massive research 1st, if you alrready have than great. Diet and sleep are also so important. I'm 3 1/2 weeks into mine and Ive already put on 17lbs(very little H2o). This is what I'm doing.

    600 sust weekly (inj twice a week) for weeks 1-10
    400 deca " " " " " "
    30 mg d-bol daily for for weeks 1-4
    clomid starting week 13
    nolvadex on hand for gyno

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    hi casey.....bigreb has a great cycle....follow his lead.......

    you need to make sure you know about anti-e's/antagonists and anti-aromatising agents.......

    my best advice is......know exactly what you want, know what will give it to you, and how to cure a problem if one arises from what you do.....later bro

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