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Thread: Dbol....10mg's?

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    I just bought 200 Dbol from a face to face dealer I trust. It's my first time with Dbol, so I was expecting some of the pretty little blue pills I've seen pictures of. What I got was 200 plain looking white circular pills. They're 10mg a piece he says. I've looked around for pictures and what they look like are russian dbol. I just wast sure because they didn't come in any tin wrap or anything. He just handed me a baggy. I haven't dealt with steroids alot. This is my first cycle. I also bought 20 cc's of ** Sustanon from him. It's someone I've known for a while now, so I do trust him. I'm just wondering if anyone else has taken Dbol that looked like this. Just a white, plain, circlular little pill.

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    Is there a way you could post a pic........I'm sure the other bros could help you out if they could look at them. Btw, did you look under the steroid pictures section?

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