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    t3 and clen assumption

    Someone correct me if im wrong this is just what i logically believe and wanna know if it is right. T3 kicks up the thyroid to use more energy from the body and burn fat/sometimes muscle also. Clen frees up fat cells into the blood stream. Taking the two together would mean that the Clen frees up fat cells into the blood stream and the T3 uses these as the extra energy. Meaning that hypothetically your body wont fall into a catabolic state if you take both together? Is this assumption correct? Let me know guys thanx.

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    I know a few people that do stack these to check the threads I know its been covered b4.

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    If you are not on anabolics, despite the stacking of Clen , elevated doses of T3 can be catabolic...There are many factors that go into the catabolism, anabolics, training etc etc.

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    Interesting post b/c I will be on my cycle tomorrow with clen and cytomel . I'm going to run the cytomel at very low dosage (12.5 mcg) per day. I will stack clen in between, and def looking to see how this goes.

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    1. t3 becomes catabolic at doses around 75+ mcg because i know natural bb's that use 75 mcg/ed and lose little muscle.

    2. clen is not anti-catabolic. it is but at very high doses, doses that would kill us. most people say clen is anti-catabolic but study after study proves it isnt at the doses that we take.

    3. clen binds to beta-andregenic receptors in adipose tissue and causes fat to be metabolized and prevents storage of fat to a degree.

    4. t3 does not do anything to the thyroid but decrease its natural output (by practically shutting it down). t3 acts directly on adipose tissue and muscle and metabolizes it. ur thyroid regulates ur metabolism by releasing t3. when u take exergeneous t3 u shut down ur natural output to a lesser degree. thats why it is catabolic, it doesnt distinguish between fat or muscle. THATS WHY U NEED AAS !

    as bamaslamma said, alot of factors go into catabolism, at a dose of 100 mcg of t3/ed even u if are taking 1 g of test prop/ew it wont mean squat if u arent eating enough cals.

    the more t3 the more cals u need to prevent mucle loss.
    moderate fats(EFAs)/high protein/low carbs works fine !

    good luck !

    cheers !

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