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    info on putting together a cycle?

    Hello all, I have been a member for a week now. For that week, I have done nothing but read and research on AS on this site. I know that almost all of you seem to be against oral cycles, but I also have read some good posts from different people on here who've had experience with orals about how they are really not that bad if taken in the right dosages and with the right PCT and liver protectants. Anyway, I will be 26 in December; 5'7; 135lbs. I have been working out for years(not just playing around with weights, actual workout routines). I have a high metabolism, that's why it is hard for me to gain weight. I am cut and defined from working out, but I can't seem to gain weight. I am eating a lot of protien and calories. So, I was wondering if any of you who wouldn't mind could help me get together a good oral cycle. Like I said earlier, I know that most of the members here don't like hearing about oral cycles only, but I have read a lot of good research and info on here about people who have actually taken orals and experienced the affects of them. So, I would greatly appreciate ANY help. The cycles I have read about so far are winstrol for about 8 weeks; D-bol and andriol ; D-bol; and a few others. All of these ofcourse w/clomid or nolvex as a PCT and maybe ALA, milk thistle, ect. Thanks in advance, Matt.

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    All oral cycles can be harmful................ You can't be afraid of the pin to play in this game. Also, you may think you eat a lot but I bet if you post your cycle we can help you tweak it so you can put weight on naturally before starting a cycle. Without proper diet you will be wasting your time and money.

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    To gain weight = Eat more calories than you burn

    It all actuallity, it is that simple. Not nessicarily will it be 100% lean muscle, but you will gain weight.

    Eat more.

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