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Thread: Ready to cross

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    Ready to cross

    I'm 23 going to be 24 in the next couple of months.

    I've decided that I want to cross over to the dark side. My goals are to gain mass and strength and lean out some. I am thinking of running a 10 week cycle with sust / deca .

    I am still doing a lot of reading about how to stack em.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Well, since this will be your first cycle, I'd go with Test cyp or enan (less shots) and leave out the Deca . If your training and diet are good, you should be able to put on 15+ pounds with test alone.

    Also research your PCT (post cycle thearpy) "clomid" as well as nolva to prevent gyno...

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    I agree with BLT. I did a ton of research showing the same thing. This is my first cycle and after a couple of questions that I had answered, every body agreed that test is that way to go on a first cycle...

    BTW, Im going to pm you..
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznknites
    My goals are to gain mass and strength and lean out some.
    most people will say do test only for a first cycle. i hate to give "bad" advice, but for your goals, i think test prop and tren would be perfect. tren is known for lean muscle gains, good strength increases, and burning fat. test prop is known for very little bloat.

    definantly not a "beginner's cycle", but i did it for my first cycle cuz it was all i had access to. no regrets here so far (2 weeks till PCT)...

    i think deca causes a lot of bloat...

    i'm not as experienced as some of the other guys here, this is just my opinion...

    -- clocky

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