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    insulin only gains

    I have been researching insulin for a few weeks now and will continue to do so for some time before I make a decission as to whether or not I am going to try it.

    Now that being said I have a question for you guys.

    Hypothetically all things being equal:

    diet in cheque
    training in cheque
    rest in cheque
    average genetics

    If that person was to use a 6 week insulin only cycle starting at low dosages and building up to a comfortable level what kind of gains, on the average, might be expected?

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    There are a few studies that I am aware of, done with rats of course, that show that insulin is anabolic when combined with a weight program. It doesn't do anything if your just doing aerobics, or sitting on your ass.

    You will make more gains with insulin than without it. It would be better to combine it with test though. Test combined with insulin makes the two more powerful than either would be alone, but you are concerned with an insulin only cycle.

    Belknap (spelling) gained 30 pounds of muscle in one year. He is a diabetic bb. He contributes this gain to be all Insulin. I myself went from 175 to 210 in 10 months on test & insulin. Hard to say how much of the gain is insulin.

    It is attractive to do an insulin only cycle. You don't have to worry about gyno, your boys shrinking up, future fertility issues, ancillary drugs, a good source, breaking the law, and the cost of steriods . The only think you got to worry about is making sure you don't cause your blood sugar to drop to low. Buy a glucometer, start out with a low iu dosage, like 2ius per day, and monitor yourself. In one year, you might gain anywhere from 3 extra pounds to 30. I think that is a good estimate.


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