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Thread: n02 and gear?

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    n02 and gear?

    before ever getting on the juice I used every sort of GNC/Vitamin World supplement. N02 gave me great pumps in the gym, what do you think would happen if someone added it to their cycle?

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    I think it will be better using it after your cycle, i mean after PCT... Im using it now, and i gotta say its good stuff(considering). Im a very hard gainer but and up 3lbs since on it, and my arms are thicker, and body looks good, for off cycle.. Im also not gonna jump right into another cycle , im gonna keep taking the no2 for another 2-3months..

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    No, get on it at least a week before your cycle and continue use as long as you can (while on cycle). You will love it, I guarantee. I have been doing this now for about 4 weeks and I cant even tell you, my words cannot justify the feeling when I am lifting. The pump is so intense that my muscled literally feel as if they are goin to explode outta my skin. Not only that but the veins throughout my body are gettin thicker and thicker, they look like pipe lines.....give it a try bro, you wont be disappointed

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    how much wieght can u gain with the NO2

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    Quote Originally Posted by jus02
    how much wieght can u gain with the NO2
    I take 5 or 6 L-Arginine caps a day and creatine while on cycle.. it does all add up and helps the steroids work better. Also helps give you early gains fast because extra testosterone makes your body accept creatine into the muscles much better then doing it natural, but I find if you gain weight early on steroids, it will slow down from half way and onto the end of cycle...

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    Thats funny, becuase I didnt gain jack from NO2. No pumps or anything, and I used it for a month. I talked to the supplement guy, and he said that hes had mixed reviews with it. some like it others dont.
    But to answer the question, no I dont think it will effect anything.


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