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    hey bros. its been a while. since i got into medical school and have been working with my patients, doing my research, and personal training my clients as well as my mother (prof body builder), i havent had time to add to the intensity of this web site. I want you all to know that I have been watching here and there. I hope that in the next few months ill have more time to add to the website with my knowledge of medicine, endocrinology, biochemistry, and experience. if anyone needs anything dont hesitate to private me. and if you some of you are like "who the F*%& is this" look at posts from a year and two back, i was frequently on this site while in college.
    hope you guys all have a great turkey day and and becareful cause too much tryptophan in the turkey may put you too sleep (or cause a huge build up of alanine in the blood)

    Medicine Man

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    Welcome back bro, good to see you

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