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    lowering sides of niacin?

    jsut took 500mg thinking the side effects are a joke but they are not, should i lwoer the dosage or is there anything i can to make them go away a bit...couldnt find the non flush version

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    yea, lower the dosage... cause your skin will break out...redness and rash...not too sure what you should do other then that...

    someone will hear ya, and help you out with this

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    When i was in high school ( a long time ago) I took some acid and a friend said if you took niacin that it would help with the come down. I took like 1000mg and was on freakin fire. Man the stupid things you do when your young.

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    You need to get NON-FLUSH or NO FLUSH Niacin. It will not give you ANY of those HORRIBLE symptoms when you use it. It costs a little more but it is more than worth it. I take 800mgs/d year round and 1600mgs/d during and 2 months after a cycle. It gives you all the benenfits of regular niacin but not the "flush" feeling you are gettting. Trust me I have tried the regular niacin because I am a cheap old F U C K but it was not worth it. Use the none or no-fush version of niacin, it is well worth the price difference. If you need the cheapest place I have found to get this type of niacin just PM me, as I do not like posting web sites.

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