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    whats best for me?

    Hi, Im looking for some advice on what to take - I have been advised to take D-Bol and just wanted some other advice.

    I have been doing weights for a few months now (3-4months), I am up to 7KG on each arm (dont laugh - 7KG is also the limit of my dumbells - they are my first ones). Im looking to build myself up quickly, I dont want to get huge, I just want muscle. My main workout is about 1 hr per day, doing various exercises with my arms, which benefits my upper body and lower body as most of them are stand up exercises.

    Im 20 yrs old, 185 and 5.8 <---I think (I know im 20 though lol)

    Any advice would be greatful, I have read all through the forums but its all very confusing.

    thanks for ya time


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    Hmm? 3-4 months isnt a very long time to be working out before starting steriods . I would workout for abother year or so and see what I could do natually. You should still have alot of potential to gain weight natrually.

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    like nevaenuf said, you need lots more experience before hopping on the roid wagon. 7 kg = 15.4 lbs, no offence, but my sister and gf use heaver weights. most people will tell you that you need to develope a decent base before turning to the juice...if you're using 7 kg weights, you basically have no base...=)

    before i hit the sauce, i weighed 155 lbs @ 5'8" my "base" was:
    bench press 255 lbs
    curl 100 lbs
    deadlift 315 lbs
    shoulder press 160 lbs
    squat 250 lbs (eww)

    and i could still get critisized that i started the sauce too soon...

    -- clocky

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    The best thing for you would be to work out a decent diet plan, then go join a gym. 15lb DB's won't do anything for you bro. Don't take this the wrong way, because we all started somewhere, but you have a long way to go before you should ever give a second thought to using steroids . You would be very disappointed if you juiced at the point you are at now. I promise you that. stay natural and learn for a few years.


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