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    The HEAVYONLY Get Big Now Cycle has started.

    I'm in the middle of starting my super cycle. I am one excited MF. Basically the cycle looks like this (sure you've seen it before):

    GH Week 1-12 (minimum) 5on/2off starting at 4iu/day
    Slin Week 1-12 (may vary, have to find my comfort point with this)
    Enan Week 1&2 at 1g, weeks 3-12 at 500mg
    Deca Week 1-12 at 600mg
    Dbol Weeks 1-4 at 30 to 50mg/day

    That's the way it stands now. Depending on how I look/feel around week six I may make some changes to cut up some if I'm looking too bloated or smooth. I have EQ and Winny on standby.

    My stats as of Monday;

    6'1", 215lbs, BF (not bad...hey, why confuse the issue with facts)
    Max. 1rep bench last week was 285lbs. I don't like bench press. I usually measure my strength by my incline DB presses. Yesterday was 4 sets (11,9,9,7)@80# after flat bench work. Not bad but I have done 4 sets over 20reps each with the 80's before (I love test)

    One thing I want to point out is how overwhelming this kind of cycle can be. We tend to look at a cycle layout like the one above, and hell, it looks simple. Take a look at what my workout days will look like;

    5:30a Carb based breakfast
    5:40a Supplements (Amino, E, ECA, etc.)
    6:30a Protien Drink
    7:00a Injection (2iu GH)
    9:30a Heavy Carb meal (pre-workout)
    10:00a 50mg DBol
    11:00a Work Out time
    12:00p Injection (Slin Shot)
    12:15p 100g of Carbs (drink)
    12:30p Protien shake (appx. 36g)
    1:15p Carb/Protien Meal (No fat)
    2:00p Injection (2iu GH)
    2:15p Carb/Protien Meal (No fat)

    The rest of the day I eat every 2 hours, depending on how heavy the work out was. I have to make sure that I eat exactly 0 grams of fat from 10a until 4p. Think that's easy, fuk no it's not.

    In addition I have to stick another 2 times/wk to get the AS in. Add all those sticks up and it'll make you think twice. For my 12wks I will stick 25 times for AS, 120 times for GH, 48 times for Slin. Damn, that's almost 200 holes in me, hope nothing leaks out.

    Somewhere in here I have to work, but I have the type of job that allows me the freedom to do this and that's a big plus.

    I'll keep the updates coming. Sure I got something I need to be doing right now

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    Holy shit bro, that is one helluva cycle. Your taking doses close to National Level BBers out there, I hope you're ready for it. If things go right, you are gonig to blow the fugg up. No joke. You will get lean, you will get swoll...plain and simple. Be safe with that slin and growth though. In reality, it's just as safe as Ephedrine. . .but it's when people get careless is where problems arise.

    Anywho, I know you've researched and know what you are doing, so all I can say is GOOD LUCK!

    BTW...that job must be working good for you, because that is one expensive cycle.

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