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    Proviron instead of l-dex?

    Hello All,

    Do you guys think that proviron can be just as effective at keeping bloat down as l-dex. The reason I'm asking is I have a **** load of proviron and Nolva. I'm hoping this will be enough to keep down some of the bloat. I'm planing on running it with:

    1-4 30mg D-bol
    1-12 400mg eq
    1-15 400mg Test E

    50mg/day proviron
    10mg/day Nol

    PCT: Clomid and Nolva
    T4 25mcg/day
    Clen 2 on 2 off

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    Proviron will work fine bro

    I perfer Proviron to L-dex anyway because being a anabolic it will provide some gains, even though they will be minimum gains at 50mg per day...

    It will add to muscle hardness and with a little nolva will do a good job of keep the bloat down as well as preventing gyno...

    PLus you already have it...

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