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    Greece Prescription Required?

    Hi All,

    Is anyone aware of laws for steroid availability in Greece? Need prescription or can they be bought off the counter?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Could be wrong about this one, but I'm pretty sure you do Need a prescription in Greece now...

    I think it's a recently law, because I had a boy that went to work in Greece about 5-6 years ago and he would call me up to bust my balls about how he could walk into any Pharmacy and buy Norma Deca for like $2-$3 US a vial and Sustanon too...

    But like most good things they never last...

    I'm sure it's alot easier in Greece to get a Doctor to write a scrip then trying to get a US doctor to write one...

    So maybe you'll get lucky, ask around with some of the locals, they'll know the game...

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