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    Professional BodyBuilders Question

    To all on the site who read this thread.
    Ok, I have been searching for a while on the net to find any of the top BB reciepe on how much gear is taken (dosage and types). Most sites I have come across what to charge a fee for reciepes. Is there anyone out there willing to share this info for free. BB cutting and bulking?

    Also how or when can you tell if receptors are getting to much gear. How can you tell if they are at the limit before it is considered wasting?

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    Hopefully the info you are looking for is just for your own curiousity because the dosages those guys run are 1.) Just crazy 2.) designed just for them. I dont know about your stats or cycle history, so I cant really say much about you, but if your looking to do a first cycle or something with IFBB pro dosages, dont.

    But anyway, to answer you question go to and read the IFBB Pro Undercover articles, I remember one of them listing a typical cycle for a pro.

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