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    would this make a nice cycle?

    ive been lifting for over a year. im 6'0 195 pounds. ive been looking thru the site and the search forum for different topics. i was thinking of starting a cycle in the next week consisting of fina tabs, enthate 250, and deca 300. how long should i run these? how many mgs of each a week? and for a stupid question, what exactly is pct? any help is appreciated.

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    To many different types for a first cycle.
    Go with the ena at 350mgs to 500mgs a week Monday and Thursday split evenly.

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    Bro, when you have that many questions and you are asking those type of questions, you need to slow down, take your time and do some serious research. PCT=Post cycle thearpy. You definitely need to read up on it. And most bro's will tell you that if you've only been lifting for a year, you need to hold off a bit. Take each compound you have and research them all. Personally for a first cycle, I would only run TEST

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    If this is your first cycle, drop the fina for one
    this is what I would run

    Ten Weeks
    1-10 Test 500mg split into two shots 1cc mon thur
    1-9 deca 300 mg split into .5cc mon thur
    pct 2 clomid 2 weeks after
    300 mg first day
    100 mg next week
    50 mg 2 weeks more
    10mg nolv all the way thru

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