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    How long after cycle does it take to gain naturally again?

    Been off my cycle or 5 weeks. Just completed clomid. Wondering how long it wil take for my body to kick in and start gaining naturally. Any idea?

    Was on 400test/400deca for 11 weeks.

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    You're body should never just "automaticly" kick in, it gradually goes back to its stable levels during and after PCT... Just keep the diet up.. Chances are you are going to lose some weight (water) but keep training... I can't say how more important the diet is, don't get lazy and be a fat ass...

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    I just keep gaining right after. If your not, adjust your diet and training and you will be. The gains slow way down..but they shouldnt really stop. During the point of actual recovery, due to my training style in PCT, you could say they arent exactly gains, but more maintanence to keep my previous gains.

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    yep its a slower unassuming progress. I like to gradually increase my cals to ease the transition. Sometimes I also need to incorporate 3 sets into my workout instead of 4.

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