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    Equipoise ,stanazolic,clenbuterol stack

    Im 5'9 180 lbs.I fight proffessionally in mixed martial arts, other now it as Ultimate fighting. Last month was my first fight and I cut 35 lbs to make the welterweight class, and was really weak. Now Im fighting feb. 20 and am maintaining my weight so I dont have to crash. My question is, Im looking to gain strength and speed with out weight, I just picked up a stack made up of- Equipoise -50mg-50ml Stanazolic-50mg-20ml and clenbuterol pills. What ould be the best way to you this. I just started today. 2ml Equipoise,1ml stanozolic, and 3pills twice a day. Is this good?

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    You dont have enough gear. I would doing something along the lines of this.....

    test prop 150mg/eod
    winny 50mg/ed
    clen 2wks on 2wks off (research clen usage!)

    You could also run a light dose of liquidex maybe .5mg/eod do combat any bloat you may get.

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