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    add fina and winny????

    I am in my 4th week of
    d-bol @40mg/ed naps and pink ones)
    deca @400wk (norma blue tops
    enth@500wk. (shering amps)
    So far things are working great. I have 20ccs of fina that came out to 125mg/cc and 40 Amps if Winny (Zambon). I was thinking of adding in the fina but not sure what week to add in. I am adding in the winny at week 7. Also going to bump up my test to 750mg/wk.
    6'0 ft
    218lbs now started at 205lbs
    bf around 15%
    I want to get to 225 hopefully.

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    How long are you running the test and deca for?

    I would add the fina when you stop the deca and continue to run some test with the fina.
    Since you've only got 20ml of fina I'd do a shot eod for 40 days along with the test to close out the cycle...It would be beneficial if you could switch the test to prop to run along with the fina for the last 6 weeks , then you could start your clomid 3 days after your last shot.

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