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    Canadian prices vs. USA prices

    I am curious to know how much gear costs down in the USA. I am not looking for any sources, I would just like to get an idea of how much you guys pay. I just read a post on how much your cycles cost, but I am more interested in specific prices of more commonly used gear. As usual, any response is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Anyone can tell you what they pay for gear, but it is really irrelevant as if you ask 30 people, you'll get at least 28 different answers. It's cheaper in the US because of the conversion rates between Canadian $'s and UD $'s. Other than that I'm sure there is a lot of variation in prices paid.


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    to help give you an idea of what moto is saying. i have heard qv eq 200 10ml can go for 60 a bottle to 120 and more for a bottle. all depends on how good our source is.

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    Canadian UG labs are dirt cheap.

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    Like LB said, UG labs is Dirt cheap and its the way to go.
    i've been using ug gear for almost 2 years and done my share of gear.

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