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Thread: Deca-300 mg.

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    Question Deca-300 mg.

    I'm about to get some 300 mg deca . Can you guys tell me if this stuff is any good, I mean my thoughts are if 200 mg is good then 300 mg must be really good! But I know you gotta worry about quality also, so any info about it would be nice. Also can you tell me what it looks like just so I know what to expect. I was told its made by ttokkyo, is that is that the only brand? Thanks again for your help guys.

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    Ttokkyo Labs deca is very good stuff, 300mgs/ml which means less voume is needed to be injected

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    just b/c it is 300 and not 200 does not mean that the stuff is REALLY good, it just means that it is more potent. IE with one ml/cc ur getting 300mg of deca as opposed to 200mg.

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    Delts...your on a winner my friend...good shit! IP also makes 300mg/ml and both are quality stuff.

    Are you going to front-end load your deca ?


    P.S Get A Dog Up Ya!

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