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    sust or prop with dian????

    hellol everbody, Big tu hear from the uk have been taking 10mg mon-fri for 2 week. I would like some experienced opinions from people on wether to stack with prop or sust Ive just read the newbie stuff on why not to use sust and am now confused. Ive messed around with steroids before and am a bit messed up because of not researching and bad advice. I want to do a good course get some gains do the post course recovery then go natural so what would be the best

    10mg dianabol + 250mg sust weeks 1-8 then hcg then 6 weeks 250mg sust then hcg or

    10mg dianabol + ?mg prop 8 weeks then hcg then prop

    dont like the idea of inj every other day just isnt practical and the cost would be massive

    also if I take nolvadex every day of the course will it get rid of my fat hips I havent sufferd with bitch tit but have uneaven distribution of fat on my hips and if I do the first course with some early shots of prop to kick off the course will I recover ok and be able to give up the juice at the end all responses appreciated big tu

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    WOOOOOO stop, hault, seize. Go back to the educational forum... and click the button that says search and find you a new first time cycle choice... You will have alot to choose from.. like for and example test,test, test, and oh yea, test! Not flamming, but please search a little you will be amazed.

    good luck

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    I agree with bigb... back to the drawing board with this cycle. Oh and stop taking the d-bol right away. D-bol by itself is no good and 10mg a day is nowhere near enough

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