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    Question sten

    i have mixed views about sten. first of all ive been told it will help cut, so should it be taken at the end of a bulking cycle? maybe not at all? should it be taken with deca ? any info would be appreciated.

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    Mex shit, it has 75mg of Test Ethin. and 25mg prop and 50 mg of DEA or DHT i forget in 2ml, low dose, high volume(2ml) per shot i would avoid it.

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    sten is basically the same stuff as works exactly the same.I took it on my last bulk cycle,3 amps a week,along with dbol ,deca and cypionate .I got great results from it.go for it,you wont be dissapointed.anybody who tells you its crap is uneducated as its exactly the same formula as sus,(except its a little bit lower miligrams than sus,not too much to even worry)and WAY WAY cheaper..good luck and I'd say go for it bro..hope this helps you out some... PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING YOUR BODY

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