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Narkissos: Performance Nutrition 101

I'll be posting my articles, as well as those or merit which I come across.

  1. Whore Mode: Time to get ****ing Fit

    by , 04-28-2012 at 10:53 AM (Narkissos: Performance Nutrition 101)
    NarkSide: Captain’s log – April 28th 2012

    Warning: if you’re easily offended (or have woken up this morning with sand in your internet-vagina), this rant is not for your tender eyes cupcake.

    /end disclaimer

    That said:

    img src:

    “I am here to sell *****…not to talk ****,” I heard a prostitute say at a strip-club ...
  2. Chromium - A discussion

    by , 04-13-2011 at 12:37 PM (Narkissos: Performance Nutrition 101)
    Chromium Increases Insulin Internalization

    Evans GW Bowman TD

    J Inorg Biochem (1992 Jun) 46(4):243-50

    The effects of chromium chloride, chromium nicotinate, and chromium picolinate on insulin internalization in cultured rat skeletal muscle cells was examined. Insulin internalization was markedly increased in cells cultured in a medium that contained chromium picolinate ...
  3. Articles Nark thinks you should read!!!

    by , 03-17-2009 at 10:20 PM (Narkissos: Performance Nutrition 101)
    Threads on Eating correctly:

    Diet For A Lean Body This Summer!

    -This thread provides a sample eating plan to support fat-loss.

    The Lifestyle Approach to a Lean, Muscular Physique:

    -This thread explains the basics of the lifestyle.

    Ketogenic Dieting: ...
  4. Nark's Forum

    by , 03-06-2009 at 06:12 PM (Narkissos: Performance Nutrition 101)
    Just letting you guys know that I've revamped the client feedback forum: (feedback forum) (website front page)

    I've added some sweet new customized templates... so your favorite forum is now more visually appealing.

    At the moment we've got 526 members (increasing by the day)... hundreds of articles (6,829 threads)... Loads of videos and discussions (48, 612 Posts and counting): ...
  5. My training Journal

    by , 05-16-2008 at 09:52 PM (Narkissos: Performance Nutrition 101) has requested that I post my training journal on their site.

    So for now it can be found in the training advice section of that website.

    I don't know if's 'no website posting' policy extends to online supplement stores as well... But I'm not going to take the risk in posting, lest I be banned again.

    Anyone who wants to follow can find it there or on my forum...

    Feel It Nutrition will also have all of my latest articles ...