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Superdrol has me feeling crummy

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by , 02-17-2019 at 03:50 AM (16537 Views)
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Do u run test with it?...if not that migth be the reason why u feel bad. Every drugs that stimulate the ARs will also eas up your lh/fsh signals to your balls and less test will be produced. Healthy test levels are the most important thing when it comes to feeling good when ur a male.

It migth be tricky to fully understand this when test also hit the same ARs as sdrol.
Test migth hit the feelgood portion of the ARs or there is different kinds of ARs. Some for growth, some for feel. Never bothered to google that part as its of just teoretical interest.

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Yep my cycles are usually as much by the book as i can. I always have a text/hcg base. Current cycle is a little wild
350mg test/wk (no ester kickstart)
750mg npp/wk (no ester kickstart)
400mg mast/wk
20mg sdrol daily
3.3iu hgh daily
About to incorporate slin at 5iu pwo