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An honest journey

Day 24 - Trophy Husband Edition

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by , 01-25-2014 at 10:41 AM (280 Views)
Dear reader,

Note: One more cheat day and then I am switching diet to LCHF with same calorie goal to see the diff this makes during a few weeks.

Thank you for following my blog. Here are my daily totals during my semi-cutting event known as "Trophy Husband Edition". I am eating about 50-100 kcal below maintenance.

Daily Totals - Target 2.343
Cheat day!

Resting day!

Caffeine.: 0mg

Post Workout Shake
Whey Protein: 0g
Creatine....: 0g
Taurine.....: 0g

Days since last cheat
Key value: 1
Record...: 21

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