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    Whats going on guys, new to the forums just looking for some tips on how to gain some velocity on my fastball. I'm around 6 foot and weigh about 185 pounds. Last time i clocked in around 87-88, looking to throw high 80's low 90's by baseball season in Feb. Anyone got any suggestions on excersises in and out of the weight room and drills on the field? Also i was looking into doing a cycle of Boldenone 200 to lose some body fat and cut up, what are your guys' suggestions on that? Any comments and/or suggestions would be appriciated.


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    I got an idea! Stop signing up under different names. The board rules state you have to be 18. Does your IP adress need to be banned? You're too damm younge to even be thinking about EQ
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    well If your to young to take anything. Than i would say the most impostant thinf for a young pitcher is to long toss. I have personally seen guys gain up 5 mph from long tossing and throwing with weighted balls

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