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    Getting ready for football season baby

    hey whats up guys,, im getting ready for football season it starts in feb,, its a state leauge im 240 6 foot and about 12% bf, i did a cycle like a year ago and saw awesome gains it was my 1st cycle and i got huge, but this time i wanna maintain a good size but more lean mass basically i wanna bulk and cut at the same time,, i know thats impossible so instead i want more quality gain and less water weight,, so chek this heres the cycle i got planned let me know if this will work for what i wanna do,, and constructive critisim will be greatly appreciated,,,
    wk 1-12 750mg Test C and 550mg EQ
    and for wk 1-4 sum dbol 50 mg ED,, and of course nolva on had JIC and PCT clomid 300mg 1st day n 100mg ed after,,,,im also thinking of using TestP as a kick start... Im trying to make full back starting of course the dude who is fb now is a 300lb fat fuk i mean he is huge but alot of fat my goal is to be about 260 and mobile he cant run for shit so i wanna be agile mobile and yup hostile,, oh and another question if anyone can help me here,, the last cycle i did was a year a ago, but lets say i do a bulk then a cut cycle, how long or how soon should i do my cut cycle after finishing a bulk cycle ive hear 3 months, 2 week, no pause,, i dont wanna fuk up a cut cycle so please let me know how much time thanx guys!!!

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    do a bulk with little water with prop/anavar . can always run proviron if you have a problem with water on other tests like sust. but i wouldnt go with the cyp. T-bol/var for strength. can use T-bol both with bulking and cutting. Dont know why more football players dont use it. if you run an 8 week cycle like this, do PCT then wait 8 weeks (ideally) then cut. Use var & winny with clen for this and its a good time to work on your speed too.
    And if you want to stay away from water retention, which is a good idea, then why would you use d-bol? you're not on the o-line.

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    From what you say your goals are, I would suggest a 10 to 12 week prop/var cycle. You could easily reach your size and strength goals with that and gain alot of lean mass. If you run both l-dex and nolva, water retention wouldn't be a problem either. The only thing that I would say is that I would not run prop at all during season... it hurts.

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