Hello All,
I have been using the search functions for the forums to research my question, but I haven't found anything that explicitly answered my question. There are so many great posts, however, I do not doubt that there it has been discussed. I realize that each situation is different and often times, there is never only one great answer.

I am 6'0", 228lbs, and roughly 18%bf.

Here is my question:

What do you think about adding appropriate dosages of clen (25-50mcg) and T3 (50-75mcg) into the end of a "bulking" cycle.

I am planning on running my first cycle of Sust250 and DBOL . I plan on taking roughly 15-25mg DBOL each day for 4 weeks while taking 250mg of Sust250 per week. If all goes well and I feel alright, I plan to increase the Sust to 500mg/week for weeks 6-10.

I plan on taking 20mg/day of Nolva throughout the cycle to ward off any unwanted sides from high estrogen. I will wait 21 days after my last Sust injection to start clomid therapy for three weeks (100-50mg/day) and Nolva (20mg/day).

I was wondering what you would think of adding clen and T3 to weeks 11-16 (my PCT) going with 2weeks on/off for 25-50mcg clen and 50-75mcg T3. This would be incorporated with my clomid and nolva PCT.

Ideally, I would like the initial part of my cycle to focus on increasing size and strength (for athletic performance), and then work into getting rid of any exess water weight and fat gained in the process because my strength gains have to increase my speed and power output.

I have heard that clen may have a slightly anabolic affect and T3 should be run while anabolics are being used so you don't lose muscle mass. The Sust will be in my system for a few weeks after my last injection. I already have the DBOL and Sust, but wondering if I should go get my cutting stuff (clen and T3).

Thanks for your time and help.
Best Regards,