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    geriatric athlete

    Not geriatric yet but headed that direction. Never took any gear before. Never used any rubberband suits. Was able to set some powerlifting records in my 30's in the 165lb class, almost 1400lbs total from obsessively hard work-outs. It took a physical toll on me so I got into outrigger canoe racing in my 40's, now dragon boat racing on a very competitive team and still winning gold at age 67. Still do moderate weights, forty years now. Here is the challenge. My power is drifting a little. Endurance is great but to keep winning races and keep my place on this team of 25-35 year olds I must improve power a lot without gaining a whole lot of weight, maybe 9 or 10 lbs more of muscle. I'm 5ft 6in. 154 lbs today, very healthy. I was thinking about Thai anabol for a five week trial at 20mg leading up to the next race. The dragon boat races are sprints, 500meters. The paddling technique involves mostly the core abs, obliques, lats, tri, lower back and almost everything in some way. It is very fast, powerful and anaerobic. There are long distance races too but mainly sprints that last between 2 and 2 1/2 minutes. Any suggestions on gear?

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