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    collegiate ball player looking for some help with supps

    I play college football and am looking for a way to lean out stay strong and add some quickness to my game, in the confrence i play in speed kills so im looking for something i can take to assist me in my alreaduy insane training regimine i have this summer any help is greatly appreciated. Also i have never taken any cycles and not experimented with anything.

    Here are my stats

    height- 6'1"
    weight- 300
    bench- 455
    40yrd- 5.1
    position- nose gaurd

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    Createin For Strength, Glutamine For Recover after intence training!

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    did you want steroid advice because i am looking for somthing to increase my speed for hockey aswell

    i was thinking oral winstrol since because its got a short detection time?? not sure tho

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