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Thread: Hypothyroidism, hiv, trt decision

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    Hypothyroidism, hiv, trt decision

    Hi Guys:

    Nice forum plenty of information, i end here cause soon i will begin with trt(Androgel ), im 37 years old but i still have my doubts, i have a 7 years ED,low desire and no or weak morning woods history after my hiv dignostic. At same time i was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism that never was treated. Endos and urologist always that i complained about ED ando low libido sent me to psychologist or physichatrist, and also dismissed subclinical hypothyroidism evidence(by the way viagra and cialis only work partially on me :/). Ive always been a thin guy although im pretty active(i practice capoeira also go to gym, i alternate weeks). Only one endo sent my T test on 2014, results fall on range(but recently i knew that was on the low range Free T on 14.3pg/ml, Total T on 521, SHGB on 47nm/L) then we tried enanthate 250 each month for three months, that didnt work well, so endo gave up and i end again on psychiatrist(obviously without results), not without passing before with neurologist that told me that all was ok........
    Last year i began to suffer hard sleep disturbances, my eyebrows began to fall, very dry skin, low libido went to bottom of the pit, very slugish all the time so i left my exercise routine .........Begging this year i was(and still) full of rage to know that are symptoms of full hypothyroidism(TSH >4,although t4 and t3 was 'normal') anyway i began with levothyroxine 50 mcg, since first day i began to sleep well. Being only on levothyroxine, third week was amazing i felt like on my twenties(sadly not with sexual issues), but after that was the crash worst than before, endo sent me 75 mcg and now im much, much better again(but not like on that mythical third week), since i began to feel results with levo i returned to my routines, now i have more muscular mass(specially on shoulders and back) skin is better not at all, but, but sexual issues are still a problem so a friend told me about visit an andrologist, the guy saw my results and made me new test that was virtually the same than before, told me that on hiv persons SHBG kiddnap testosterone and began to suffer low T symptoms, and gave me order for androgel on pellet in the morning. Anyway i have my doubts about begin with trt or wait a couple of months more if levothyroxine can make more improvement on my sexual part(and stay permanently on a state like that third week), but honestly im desperate ive been running from having a relationship and casual hookups for all this issues, also is depressing cant even masturbate or stay more than 30 minuts with a weak wood until cum.
    My friends doesnt believe or dont understand, so i dont have anyone to talk about all this and get a nice advice, so guys what do you think?

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    Androgel and gels in general are a commercial scam I'd refrain from them.

    You did use Test E 250 but monthly pins are absurd, one week max is what's needed to maintain levels consistently in range, obviously the dosage need to be split accordingly.

    Aggressive vitamin D3 supplementation (5000iu die) can sometimes help with high SHBG, but exogenous Test is the most effective way if done the right way.

    My suggestion is to find the right TRT doctor because you have been obviously under-treated.
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    You have some complex medical issues going on so best of luck with everything.
    Personally, test replacement for me was paramount to feeling "normal" again, which once achieved was almost euphoric after suffering for years with low test. I would suggest you give it more time with injectables, and find the right doc. Steady state blood level is what is desired as mentioned above, so achieving that will go very far in helping you to feel better.
    I would suggest a couple of things:

    Stick around the forum and get to know some knowledgeable members in this area (kelkel for example) and utilize their expertise. Stick with one or two resources (for example, someone here and the doc you are utilizing). The more suggestions you get, the more treatments you partially complete the more complex the picture becomes, the more you are frustrated and the more difficult it is to determine the best course for you.

    Stay the path and keep things as simple as possible. If you incrementally supplement by addressing low test, subclinical thyroid (sometimes a t3/t4 med works well for that, like Armour, low dose to start), and go from there you have a better chance of solving the puzzle and feeling better and becoming healthy. Once this is achieved the sexual aspect will fall into place, though you may require supplementation with Cialis, etc.

    Good luck
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