A few months ago I've been feeling like absolute sht.. I went to the doc and asked to get some bloodwork run. To my surprise my total testosterone has dropped to 172ng/dl.. Now, I've been on TRT for the past 12 years, injecting test cyp 100mg per week split in two 50mg injections. My Total T has always hovered around 850ng/dl.
I've not changed injection method, alternating outer upper quad and have not changed pins or anything like that.

So I went to the pharmacy and asked to have the vial replaced, I must of hit a dud..

I've let six weeks pass and re-did blood work, My total T is now at 520ng/dl.. Ok it's going back up at least, great. But now that I've started to re-inject again, I'm experiencing crazy anxiety and high Blood pressure, 150 / 95.

My doc doesnt know much about the nuances and side effects of being on TRT. He wants me on BP and SSRI meds.. I was fine before the T crash so I'm not crazy about rushing into new meds knee jerk reflex.

What do you guys think? Should I taper down my dosage and work my way up to let my system and other hormones normalize? Or something else..?
Suggestions / theories welcome, I'm not 100% sure how to approach this one.