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    Lab history during HRT

    I think this might be a good thread for all on HRT to see. I have been on HRT since January 2012. I started at 140mg a week (70mg E3.5Days subQ) in July of 2012 after the gel and patch failed.

    Whenever I did a cycle I would always bump up to 100mg E3.5Days because from labs I knew this would take me up to about 1150 total test (scale 300-1100). But, it seems that when I drop back to HRT after a cycle it kept getting higher and the last couple years my HRT dose has been 80mg E3.5Days from labs you can see total test kept getting higher then kinda varied because I would cut back a bit for labs most of the time so my Doc wouldn't reduce my prescription. Bottom line I started taking more and keep my test levels higher.

    Here is what is important. The last year I have had some issues with breathing and fatigue. I finally went and got labs a few weeks back and some new bad results showed up. I always do two annual physicals a year (one with the VA and one with civ doc) with labs so I made a chart and looked for tends. As you can see from the chart my MCH, MCV, RBC and RDW have been pretty much out of wack since the beginning. I just figured it was because of the testosterone , low dose tren or Deca that I was making a whole bunch of red blood cells and they were small. Another part of the equation is another frequent discussion on here! I give blood fairly consistently (every 8-10 weeks). The last part of the equation is I did do var I think about 6 weeks (July 2019) and whinney (4 weeks Oct/Nov 2019) in oral form.

    If you google the lab results for each (RBC high or MCV high) fatigue and breathing issues are two of the symptoms. Ok so now what to do? I started last night and dialed back my injection to 60mg and will just do 60mg E3.5days and no other cycles (for now). I plan to continue to try various things until I get good labs. I will keep this thread update as things change so that anyone with the issues may benefit from my trial and error.

    So the first change is reduce HRT amount.

    Any other suggestions? Maybe reduce the dose more? How long should I go at the lower dose before getting labs done again?
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