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    Insulin and Clen/Ephedrine/T4?

    i have cycled insulin a few of times previously.. and currently looking to cut some access fat.
    i had my BF tested today, everyone i knew was shocked.. 12.9%
    i was also quite ticked. my legs hold alot of fat, my upper body is "cut" as many would say.. hell i woulda gave myself a 5% if this was just upper body..
    i need to lose weight off my glutes, hams, and calves. they're freakin tree trunks.
    which is the best way to do a supplement/drug, like clen , do get a lower BFP. cuz my upper body looks good, my legs are the brutes..
    anything.. anybody.. if ya got anything for me, greatly appreciated. thank you.

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    I would not mess with slin if you're trying to cut. It is difficult because of how insulin works. I think the clen and ECA stack method will work just fine.

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    For my next cutter at the end of my current bulker I'll be using Test prop, tren ace, eq, clen , T3, and slin. I'm using slin to make up for the flat muscles that I get from T3 and cutting in general. Should be fun.

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    im a type 1 diabetic.. so, insulin injections are inevitable..
    for bulking, i used post-injections for superior mass and strength building. and hells yeah, it works good.
    now, as i was wondering.
    a good product to burn some leg fat?
    i know fat deposits burn randomly.. i wanna get low for a cruise im goin on soon.
    thanks guys

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    btw, i have been on a cut diet, using effedrine/caffeine.. and it is working.
    but its been 11.5 weeks ,and i dropped like 27 pounds..
    still looking for that extra kick.. recommendations?
    agiht guys. thanks

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    I totally agree with aXe. I would leave Insulin out of this if you want to loose fat. The time you start using Insulin is the time you increase chances of fat storage. And if you are a type 1 diebetic, I would just stick to your recomended doses givin by your doctor.


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