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    buying slin needle and ****?

    hey bros,
    I was gonna add the lr3 with test suspension as in same syringe. I've heard this would be acceptable and ok. If it isnt let me know. But if it is the problem i have is measuring the appropriate amount and transfering it all into one syringe so check this process.

    i got a 3cc 23g 1.5in needle with .5ml(50g) test suspension(water based). Draw the test first. then take a slin needle and pin and measure out a lil AA first and then the igf. then transfer it into the 3cc syringe. I figured i could use the test suspension to help get all of the igf out of the syringe. I know this problem seems like alot of work, but i was wondering if i would lose to much igf in the process? Is there a better way to go about doing this besides shooting each separately?
    Also, where can i purchase some slin needles and syringes??
    thanks for all your time.

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    My first question is : Have you used water based suspension previously?If so,you realize the amount of residue left in the syringe right?Would it make sense to add IGF to a compound that has a tendency to leave high amounts of residue in the syringe barrel?

    You can get slin pins/syringes/needles right here from the board


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    have not used a water based. I knew that they give trouble with residue thats kinda wh i'm asking. i was tying to avoid separate shots if possible but no big deal. thanks

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